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Carmelina Mosier is the owner and founder of MCM Cleaning Services. Originally from El Salvador, Carmelina learned the importance of hard work and dedication early on. When she later moved to the United States, she was determined to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered here. She learned English and began working in the hospitality industry, focusing on customer service, before transitioning to property management. Along the way, she met and married her wonderful husband, Doug, and became the mother of two children.

At some point, she realized that it was challenging to maintain a clean and healthy environment while also working a full-time job. She knew she couldn’t be the only working mom feeling that way – so what if she could help others? In 2007, she decided to take the leap and started MCM Cleaning Services as a sole proprietor.

Today, there are nine dedicated, experienced, and trustworthy team members who work alongside Carmelina to provide top-quality, valuable, and customized cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in the Baltimore metro area. Each team member has been thoroughly vetted and is honest, kind, respectful, and ethical. Not only that, but they’re like family – which means we celebrate all the milestones with them. That’s why it’s so important to Carmelina that every member of the team benefits from a healthy, equitable, and fair working environment.

MCM Cleaning Services is proud of its growing reputation in Baltimore City and to lead by example as a minority-owned business and woman-owned business. It also shows Carmelina’s children just what can be achieved when an idea can grow.

We look forward to serving and exceeding your cleaning needs.

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